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Fight Night 9th April 

6pm Start (Normal fight night will start)

Aleksander Jakobczak 

Imogen Coakley 

Jenson Helm 

William Smith 

Emily Taylor 

Sonnie Thomas 

 Rhys Dale

 Finlay Strachan

 Arthur White

 Lucas Scanlan

 Harrison Crowder Barton

 George Taylor

7pm Start

Live Music

8pm Start

Miles Coakley 

Daniels Mucenieks 

Vincent Faulkner 

James Oliveria 

Ethan Matthews

Harry Corfield 

George White 

Daniel Thomas 

Logan Shaw 

 Albert Brady

Joe Cain

 George Taylor

 Finlay Davis

 Oscar Cattlin

 Dominic Sumner

 Henry Miller

 Harry Corfield

 Vincent Faulkner

Non league fighters will be on a printed sheet at the club.

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