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Sri Lanka



Our mission in Sri Lanka was to improve facilities for schools and the community, as well as to inspire them. Using our fund raising events held at Unite Southport we used the money raised to purchase equipment which would improve the peoples lives within the community.

Not only did Unite raise money to send a team over to Sri Lanka to help with the facility improving, but the team were hard working dedicated coaches.


They used there skills as coaches to inspire the children by conducting lessons and taking part in sessions learning from one and other. We worked along other associations and organisations to help young dis-advantaged children to realise their potential and reach for their dreams. In conjunction with Master Derek Summer, who has long standing links in the country, it is our intention to assist in the renovation of two local orphanages, one primary school and one secondary school, by using the money left over from the Ghana project and any additional money raised to give away pens, note pads, t-shirts and water proof clothing for the children.

Also to fund raise we asked local businesses for a £200 donation to go towards the purchase of t-shirts and water proof jackets with there logo printed on it, we printed 500 t-shirts, in which 300 were taken as a donation and 200 were sold at Unite Southport.

We thank our sponsors who were

Birkdale studios / Alpha Bio Labs, Wilson Autobodies / Urban Coffee / Master Lock&Safe / Hutchinson/ip / Get into Martial Arts / Chris Ternary Engineering /Monsters Funeral Directors.

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